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Pickin' Up Speed: Buy

Pickin' Up Speed at the Miramar - CD

Turkey on a Hotplate
If Wishes Were Horses
Blue & Lonesome
Man of Constant Sorrow
Crazy Arms
Dreams about You Darling
Drifting Too Far from the Shore
Walk in the Irish Rain
Jesus Met the Woman
Picnic at the Wayside
I Want to Sing That Rock and Roll
Truck Drivin' Man
West Virginia My Home
I Am Weary
Yellow Haired Girl
Last Old Shovel

The Farm Sessions: Home Sweet Home - CD

Don't Cry Blue

Little Mountain Church House

Midnight Flyer

Blue Days, Black Nights

When the Chips are Down, the Buffalo is Empty

The Wind Moans Under the Door

The Lady Came from Baltimore

Got the Keys to the Kingdom

This is the Girl I Love

Angels Rejoiced

Blow Big Wind

Faded Love

The Redeemed are Coming Home

Born to Be with You

Waiting for a Train

Home Sweet Home

Keep It in Your Pantry